June 27, 2016

5 Secrets to Keep Your ENT Practice Independent and Successful

More and more ENT independent practices are folding due to continuing challenges that affect the medical industry. Things don’t seem like they will change any time soon – generating predictions of more practices folding in the coming year. Download Physician's Guide to Staying Independent So what can you do to ensure your ENT practice remains independent?Customer SatisfactionYour patients are the consumers of your services. Without patients, you are out of business. Examine your own customer service. See how your patients…

March 15, 2016

Three Key Technologies to Optimize Your ENT Practice Revenues

Practice revenue optimization is a central pillar in the running of successful ENT practice. Constant attention and fine-tuning of your practice is necessary in order to optimize and increase your revenues. Technology plays a key role in this process. Download Free Guide – 7 Steps to Practice Revenue Optimization Here are three areas to focus on in optimizing your ENT practice revenues: Eligibility ChecksWith recent changes in the medical industry, more employers are seeking to share the burden of medical care…