5 Secrets to Keep Your ENT Practice Independent and Successful

5 Secrets to Keep Your ENT Practice Independent and Successful

dr_EHR / June 27, 2016

More and more ENT independent practices are folding due to continuing challenges that affect the medical industry. Things don’t seem like they will change any time soon – generating predictions of more practices folding in the coming year.

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So what can you do to ensure your ENT practice remains independent?

Customer Satisfaction

Your patients are the consumers of your services. Without patients, you are out of business. Examine your own customer service. See how your patients are handled at every step. How are their calls handled? How they are treated in the waiting room? Make sure they are comfortable enough to want to visit your ENT practice again.


Make sure your licensing is up-to-date. Make an effort to get further certification by attending ENT seminars. This will give you a chance to network with other practitioners and learn what they do. For your patients, the certifications your office wall prove that you are committed to high ethical and professional standards as you practice medicine.

Look at Your Practice as a Commercial Entity

Treat your practice as a commercial entity — as a business – one that requires a profit to survive. You are certainly an ENT specialist, but you are also a business owner. You are offering healthcare services, but you also must consider you are making a profit or a loss. Against the current backdrop of financial and regulatory burdens, only a strong business can remain independent.

Market Yourself

The great work you do may speak for itself — but you still need active marketing to inform others about you and your services. Your options include traditional advertising, such as newspaper, radio and television. But you also need online media. At the very least, your practice should have a website. You can also engage patients and potential patients through social media, using the platform as a way to promote both your services and yourself as an expert in your field.

Upgrade your Technology

Keeping up with current tech is tough. Medicine is practiced much differently today compared to 20 years ago. Current technology, including telemedicine and EHRs, is becoming standard. Implemented properly, the right hardware and software will keep your practice current and efficient. Seek opportunities to share technology by affiliating with other specialists in your area.

You can survive!

If you value the autonomy of an independent practice, the changing times will force you to fight harder to keep your ENT practice running. Others have faced the same challenges and survived. You can, too. Good luck!

Download Physician’s Guide to Staying Independent