““Even in chart notes, we could write medications without writing the strength and dosage. That’s not the right thing to do with all the documenting we need to do nowadays. It’s easy for me to click on something and add the details. It prevents medical errors.”

JIN LIM, M.D.,Ear, Nose & Throat Associates

The Gold Standard in E-Prescribing & Medication Management


Sending a retail prescription electronically is only one part of a complete eRx solution. Yet, that’s where many vendors end their functionality. Sending prescriptions to mail order pharmacies, checking PBM (Pharmacy Benefit Management) status, drug formulary, medication history and prescription renewal through retail and mail order pharmacies are all puzzle pieces that need to fit perfectly. ENT-Cloud has solved the puzzle of combining complete and tight medication management and EMR integration into one comprehensive, all-inclusive package. As a Surescripts Gold Solution Provider and recipient of the White Coat of Quality Award, ENT-Cloud has surpassed the competition. Find out how we can help your office take control of the prescribing workflow.

Key Features of the ENT eRX Solution

  • Fewer Denials
  • Reduced Management Overhead Costs
  • Increase In Practice Profits
  • Increase In Charges
  • Decrease In Rejections
  • Greater Collection
  • Workflow Automation Savings

Integrate E-Prescribing Into Your Workflow

  • Medication history is captured and included as part of the patient record enabling you to quickly see medications that have been previously prescribed.
  • E-prescribing eliminates the error risks associated with handwritten scripts as well as the potential for a patient to request a replacement for a lost paper script. With ENT-Cloud, e-prescribing is set up for maximum efficiency.
  • EPCS – Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances Optional. Additional Charge Applies.
  • Interaction checking is important for all specialties, but even more so in for allergy care. When a script is written via the ENT-Cloud EHR, checks automatically occur and alerts may be triggered.
  • Recalls and Health Maintenance Reminders can easily be set for medications that require monitoring and ongoing lab work. Your practice determines the protocols, and ENT-Cloud will automatically alert patients by phone and/or email. When labs are ordered, ENT-Cloud’s exclusive Order Tracking System monitors the status, alerts you to any actions needed and documents patient communications.
ENT Electronic Prescribing

Medications Management Guide

Function Included
New Prescription Transmission
Phone Call
Pharmacy Renewals
Auto Notification
Recalls & Health Maintenance Reminders
Interaction Checking & Display
Medication Search
Partial Name
Medication History
All formulations Display
Supports formularies based on patient’s insurance
Supports multiple formularies per patients
State By State regulations for controlled substances

Medications Order Entry Guide

Function Included
Print Orders
Transmist Orders Internal/External
Select Order Name From Customizable List
Free Text To Customize Order List
Select Order type From Customizable List
Free Text To Customize Order Type List
Custom Lab Orders sets
Provider Level
Practice Level
Reminder Alerts & Warnings
Results Delivery Method
EHR Dashboard

Connect With a Surescripts Gold Solution Provider and White Coat of Quality Award Winner


Trust your information systems to an organization who has earned a proven reputation for excellence. ENT-Cloud is powered by WRS Health, one of the few organizations to receive the Surescripts Gold Solution Provider status as well as receiving the White Coat of Quality Award year after year.

We handle every major medication routing message including new prescriptions to retail and mail order pharmacies, medication renewals to retail and mail order pharmacies, prescription benefit, formulary and medication history transactions.

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