ENT-Cloud Eases the Charting Burden

ENT-Cloud EHR note templates are pre-populated with content created by practicing otolaryngologists specifically for ENTs. Within each aspect of your charting encounter we’ve created efficiencies to enhance your workflow process. ENT-Cloud features complete workflows that have been specifically created to increase efficiencies and eliminate redundancies so you can spend time with your patient and not charting.

Whether you specialize in Facial Plastics, Otology-Neurology or Allergy, we provide you with the content and specialized workflow that you require to meet the needs for your ENT practice.

Chart With Free Text, Voice and Even a Digital Pen


ENT-Cloud is populated with “Quick Charting” enabled templates, allowing you to chart with a minimum of clicks (or via voice recognition) and can accept free text via the ENT-Cloud Digital Pen.

Innovations such as Digital Healthcare Pen Solution saves time and money. Forms, questionnaires, discrete data and other documentation can be filled out by the patient in the waiting room with the Digital Pen.

Patient data then flows seamlessly into your note without requiring the need to re-key data from the patient forms. The Digital Pen Solution is perfect for physicians that rely on forms or free text for most of their charting needs.

Easily and quickly chart encounters in the way that suits your practice. We do not try to change the way you do things, we just help you be more efficient.

ENT-Cloud eases the charting burden by allowing the widest choice of charting methods – all in one ENT Specialty EHR system.

Draw Directly Into the EHR


Drawing in the EHR using a tablet or the computer mouse enables ENTs to precisely indicate the site and intensity of ear pain or the location of a lesion and it can be useful to tracking changes over time. Use one of the template medical drawings available in our EHR, upload your own or draw on a blank screen. The drawing will be stored as part of your note.

Add Videos and Images

CT and MRI scans, other images and video and can be incorporated into the patient chart in a number of ways. ENT-Cloud has the ability to accept image, video and even audio files electronically from in-office devices or external diagnostic centers or other sources. Practices also have the option to upload files manually or to scan in data. Once the file is associated with the appropriate patient, it is readily available for review as part of the patient’s chart. add_video

Import Video from Medical Devices

import_video Importing in-office procedures videos from medical devices is easy. Captured videos can be incorporated into your charts seamlessly.
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