The fact that it was specially made for ENT physicians by ENT physicians shows – it is very easy to use and fast. We were very disappointed by our previous EMR system. I did a lot of research before buying another EMR. I really like its [ENT-Cloud] features, ENT specific templates, Scheduling, integrated billing etc. Payer ID and Insurance Card information comes up very quickly. Also extremely important, they made it so easy for us to sign up for meaningful use.


Understanding the Challenges of Searching for an ENT EMR/EHR Software

Lawrence Gordon, M.D. is a practicing head and neck surgeon who understood the need for a truly integrated Otolaryngology EHR and Practice Management system. Inspired by that desire for greater efficiency, he created a new system that not only provides all otolaryngologists with a seamless familiar workflow, but with a built-in thought leader support system in domains critical to the sustainability and growth of a practice.

These domains include Advanced ENT Billing Solutions, ENT Practice Marketing with expertise in new patient acquisition for procedures such as Balloon Sinuplasty, Compliance, Reporting, and Staffing.

Whether you are a solo practitioner or have a large practice with multiple locations, ENT-Cloud can provide the products and services customized specifically to your needs.

How Is Our EMR Unique to Otolaryngology?

Some of the features include:

  • ICD/CPT codes specific to otolaryngology
  • Audiology chart capabilities
  • Integration with otoscopes, laryngoscopes and other devices
  • ENT HPI templates
  • Ability to manage images centrally
  • Audiology workflow
  • ENT Surgical Workflow
  • Sleep study tracking
  • Cloud Based – 24/7 anywhere any time access

Chart quickly and spend time with your patients

Focus on Medicine, Not Data Entry

One of the most frustrating issues is being hampered by interacting with a computer to chart out the patient encounters, ENT-Cloud eases the charting burden by allowing the widest choice of charting methods.

ENT Ready – Right From The Start

Other systems are empty shells or folders waiting to be filled with the content that Otolaryngologists need. Studies show that practices which are faced with creating all of their own content give up halfway through the setup process and wind up settling for a fraction of the content they need for a smooth clinical workflow. It’s not surprising that the majority of providers are displeased with the Electronic Medical Records system that they have chosen.

We consistently garner the most positive EHR reviews from our ENT customers, reinforcing their high level of satisfaction with our Otolaryngology specific EHR.

Whether you specialize in Facial Plastics, Otology-Neurology or Allergy, we provide you with the content you require to meet the needs for your ENT practice.

A System That Learns

ENT-Cloud is a truly organic EMR platform that learns the way you chart and that derives knowledge from all users on the platform. The system stores your favorite and most commonly used medications, diagnoses, procedures and other common data elements and presents them to you for easy selection. When you create reusable chart elements, customization of content is one click away in the user-friendly electronic medical record software.

24/7 Access – Anytime, Anywhere

Whether you are home, at the hospital, or on vacation, we provide unparalleled access to data no matter where you are or what time it is. That’s because unlike server-based systems, ENT-Cloud data is stored on external servers. All you need is a computer with an internet connection.

See if our web/cloud-based, MIPS certified EMR is the right choice for you.