The system was built by specifically for the needs of an ENT practice by an ENT physician. In the course of development the knowledge and feedback of hundreds of ENT physicians were listed to create the ultimate ENT-Cloud system. These providers have experienced many of the same frustrations with other tools claiming to be “ENT Cloud”. ENT Cloud has been created as a fully integrated ENT EMR and Practice Management system developed specifically to meet an ENT’s needs. Learn about Dr. Gordon’s Story
Yes, ENT templates and note formats, as well as ICD and CPT codes, are already set up and ready the very first time that you login to the system… No need to create content. If you choose to customize and/or create new templates, ENT Cloud gives you the tools to do this as well. Learn about ENT Templates
ENT Cloud offers a variety of charting tools that can be customized to your exact charting needs. The system also remembers medications, diagnoses, assessments, plans and other data, so that they are ready for every patient encounter. All it takes is a click. Learn About Charting Options
We know firsthand that scanning or entering of patient data is a burden. With our Digital Pen, you can say goodbye to typing and scanning. The pen captures handwriting and drawing from paper forms and notes. Simply write the information and data is immediately transmitted directly to the EHR. Learn about the Digital Pen Technology
ENT-Cloud has the ability to accept image, video and even audio files electronically from in-office devices, external diagnostic centers or vertically any other source. Procedural videos, CT scans, videos, and other images can be incorporated into the patient chart. Learn about incorporating Videos and Images
The EMR allows you to draw using a tablet or the computer mouse directly in your note. Use your drawing to indicate the site and intensity of ear pain or the location of a lesion. Learn about the EMR Drawing Tool
Yes. ENT-Cloud is web-based. This means that you have unparalleled connectivity. You can access our system anytime and from anyplace with an Internet connection. EMR and Connectivity
Yes, the system features a proprietary Surgical Scheduling Workflow. This special tool is automated to ensure a seamless workflow and provide complete documentation. The Surgery Queue is centralized, so you can take charge of the process from start to finish. This includes pre-authorization, medical clearance, surgery scheduling, postoperative follow-up, global period alerts and more. Learn about our Surgical Workflow
With the ENT Cloud you can smartly manage and track all of your outgoing and incoming tests and scans. The system automatically sends patient alerts for outstanding orders and reminders to schedule upcoming appointments and tests, such as CT of the sinuses and TSH Levels. Learn about Order Tracking
ENT-Cloud is fully integrated for your convenience. You don’t have to micromanage your practice or worry about every aspect. You are ensured a seamless workflow for charting, billing, scheduling, e-prescribing and more. Complete Integration
The System is easy to learn and easy to use. We provide unparalleled support to transition your team to our EMR. Our Customer Service is the best in the industry, with billing experts and experienced clinical staff on hand to educate and train you to use the system to its fullest. We also offer instructional webinars and a guided training library that help with any questions and concerns. We provide on-site training. Our Team is ready to support you 100%. We partner with your practice for life.
Achieving, reporting and attesting for Meaningful Use are all cleanly, clearly and methodically managed in our system. You can track your progress and easily report on your Meaningful Use Measures and Clinical Quality Indicators. Our vigorous and successful certifications and reviews should put you at ease that you are selecting a reliable, trustworthy, and fully functional system for your practice. Read about Meaningful Use
We feature a single, integrated database. This design enables automatic charge capture and claim creation. As you move your patients though the workflow you create an encounter note. The claim will automatically be created and populated with appropriate demographics and charge codes from that visit. You literally just have to press submit and your claim is automatically sent to the payer. We have the tools to boost your bottom line. Learn How to Get Paid for Your Services
The Patient Portal is an excellent tool to accomplish both endeavors. Patients can enter their health history and demographic information in the Patient Portal prior to their visit. This cuts down on waiting time and increases patient satisfaction. They can also update their history at any time. Patients can also schedule their appointments, request refills and receive automatic appointment reminders. They can email your office with non-emergency questions. You can also upload patient education and information for patients to improve their health. Read About Our Patient Portal
ENT-Cloud e-prescribing capability will enable you to qualify for Meaningful Use incentive funds. In addition, it offers you the convenience of electronically submitting prescriptions directly to patient pharmacies while they are still in your office. You will save time by not having to write prescriptions and reduce the potential for medication errors that occur with handwritten prescriptions. The system alerts you to potential drug/drug interactions and your patients will appreciate the convenience of finding that their prescriptions are ready to pick up when they arrive at their pharmacy. Read About eRx
The system meets the highest levels of privacy and security as certified by the Department of Health and Human Services, US Government. You have complete control over who in your practice can access the different types of data in your system and employee/user permissions can be set according to role, location, patient and even time of work day.
ENT-Cloud offers complete Bi-Directional laboratory connections and the integration of this process into your clinical workflow. When you order labs and tests they are sent directly to the lab. What’s more, results come directly into the patient chart and the provider is alerted. There is no scanning; no uploading and no extra mouse clicks. You will save hours of work each day reviewing charts, laboratory results and radiology results. Learn about Lab Connections