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Extend Your ENT Practice Beyond the Four Walls of Your Office

Our EHR and Practice Management system was built on the web to provide the local, national and global connectivity that ENT practices require. With our web-based system, data and functionality are delivered to you instantly at home, in the operating room, at the hospital, or anywhere you have Internet access. No doubt you get calls at night from post-op patients asking about their pain medication. With ENT Cloud, you can access the patients’ complete records, prescribe medications and get peace of mind from the knowledge that prescriptions are automatically documented in patients’ charts.


I have come to rely on the stability and dependability of this system. Whether my staff and I are in the office together or working remotely, we have full access to our patients’ records and schedule. In conjunction with telemedicine, it was the primary reason we were able to see 70%+ of our patient base during the height of the pandemic.

Gary M. Feinberg, MD, Gary M Feinberg ENT Inc

Receive Data and Images From Your Office Devices or From Anywhere Over the Web

ENT-Cloud EHR was built for the Web and designed to facilitate the flow of information in your office and beyond. Video, images and data such as a laryngoscopy, thyroid ultrasound or CT sinuses can be accepted electronically from in-office devices or from anywhere over the web and incorporated into patients’ charts.

Our connectivity technology saves your practice time by eliminating the cumbersome process of scanning or uploading files. Instead, the files flow to your EHR so that you or your staff can associate them with the appropriate patient record. Device integration has never been easier. ENT-Cloud EHR has the ability to accept data from in-office devices as well as from anywhere over the web.

Exchange Patient Data Electronically

Each community and each practice is unique in their data connection needs and data flow. Connecting to a hospital, health information exchange (HIE), RHIO, Imaging Center or any third-party system is a breeze with ENT-Cloud EHR. We also partner with Medicity and OptumInsight. These companies service the hospital and HIE industry – to enable the seamless flow of data. Get the data you need on the spot using our platform.

Additional charges apply for lab and registry connections required for MIPS requirements.

Patient Data Exchange
Paperless Fax Queue

Paperless Fax Queue: No More Scanning
One practice, one fax, no paper

Referrals, audiograms, operative reports, ENT pathology, sinus CT, RAST as well as other faxed documents can be received electronically via our exclusive Fax Queue. They are then matched to patients and can be added to a patient chart and/or assigned to a provider or office staff to act upon. You don’t have to track, scan or file paper. Documents flow directly into your EHR and Practice Management system, thereby making them more secure than paper faxes.

Outgoing faxes, including referral letters, test results and other documents can be sent directly from the EHR. The ability to automatically generate and send referral reports can save an ENT practice a substantial amount of time.


ENT-Cloud has changed the way I run my practice. All of my charts converted easily into ENT-Cloud. It has a very user-friendly interface, and the training was incredible. Simply stated, I love this system.

Linda Dahl, MD,Dahl Otolaryngology


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