We looked at four EMR systems. There was nothing as comprehensive as ENT-Cloud EHR and practice management software system. The integration I have with clearing houses and other systems is great.”

David Oliver, M.D.,Coastal Ear, Nose and Throat



Simplify and Streamline Your Billing

Enhance the financial viability of your practice

Failure to develop and maintain efficient billing systems can undo a medical practice. ENT-Cloud features a Revenue Cycle Management rules engine specifically designed for Otolaryngologists.

Our ENT EHR and Practice Management system is built on a single, unified system. This exclusive infrastructure enables integrated charge capture and positions your practice to reap the benefits of automatic billing. Chart a fiberoptic laryngoscopy, nasal endoscopy, stroboscopy or other procedure and it is automatically queued for billing – no paper superbills or their dual entry to worry about.


Lost charges or failure to bill for services rendered are a common problem when a biller or front desk person needs to re-enter data from the paper superbill or from the chart. Integrated charge capture helps you get paid for all the services you provide. Best of all, ENT-Cloud, powered by WRS Health, has one of the lowest claim denial rates in the industry. In the rare event that a claim is rejected, you are immediately presented with the clearinghouse or insurer’s reason for denial so that the rejected claim can be instantly corrected and resubmitted.




Manage Your Superbill Flow

When you add a patient to your schedule, our integrated billing workflow includes an automated eligibility check on your patients’ insurance to include co-pay, deductibles and out of network benefits.

Payment entries are posted and adjusted automatically for you, capturing data quickly and effectively.

From alerting surgeons to the global period of encounters to alerting the front desk as to the status of the patient balance, our system works to catch problems before they happen.


Faster Payments and Quicker Deposits

With your payment and posting workflow handled by ENT-Cloud, your staff is free to handle more specialized billing functions. Replacing paper checks with electronic payment can dramatically improve a practice’s cash flow because electronic payment happens on average two weeks sooner than paper checks. With our platform, funds are deposited in the bank and the payment is entered, posted and adjusted –all automatically. Electronic EOBs are attached to the claim and can be viewed electronically.



Payment comes so much faster now than it used to. It could be two months before we get paid sometimes on some of the insurance companies and right now, it’s sometimes a couple of weeks, so that’s the significant change.””

Marcie Smith West Tennessee ENT Clinic P.A.



Real-Time Financial Data & Customized Reporting

Like a navigator,you can’t steer clearly without the proper Information. You need real time information that is actionable. ENT-Cloud provides you with a suite of reports that are run automatically. These reports instantly present all of the information that you and your billing staff require to expedite correct and complete payments from all insurers and patients.

Need to drill down on revenue or aging claims or activity by location? No problem. Simply choose your parameters and run the report. In many cases, you will then have the option to choose additional filters if you want to hone in on particular types of data. Your report will be saved and can be set to run automatically on the schedule you choose.

In addition to individual reports, you can also view information in the form of a graph that provides a snapshot of the trends over time.


Catch Billing Problems Before They Happen

The entire ENT-Cloud workflow is infused with financial accountability. To have a well-run medical office, billing can’t be separated from patient registration, charting, scheduling, patient portal, and other functions in the system.

For that reason, all interactions on the ENT-Cloud platform are designed to quickly alert you when there may be an impact on billing. From alerting surgeons to the global period of encounters to alerting the front desk as to the status of the patient balance, our system works to catch problems before they happen.


With ENT-Cloud, every part of your practice is linked together so you can get paid for all your services quickly and accurately.

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