When we saw the Digital Pen, we said, ‘This is one of the best things ever.’

Corey Sexton, IT Administrator,Janice L. Birney, MD

ENT-CLoud Digital Pen, Developed By ENTs For ENTs

To meet the demands of ENTs for easier documentation, ENT-Cloud developed a proprietary solution that combines a digital pen with paper, the ENT-Cloud Digital Pen. The ENT-Cloud Digital Pen interprets and codifies handwritten information and integrates it into ENT-Cloud. The digital pen looks and works just like an ordinary ballpoint pen. However, the pen records everything (handwriting, drawings, checkboxes, signatures) as it is being written on paper forms.


ENT Digital Pen Captures Patient Data – Automatically

Patient Forms – Health Surveys – Charting Notes: No Scanning Required

ENT-Cloud Digital Pen Workflow

Imagine patients filling out their medical history or answering a health questionnaire, and once they are finished you don’t have to scan in their forms – or enter the information manually into the computer. The pen writes like a normal ink-based pen, but there is a huge difference. Once the digital pen touches the form, a small camera inside the pen captures all strokes made on the paper.

When patients use the optional Healthcare Digital Pen to complete health surveys or other forms, the data is immediately transmitted into the patient’s chart.

Patients love the convenience of using pen and paper. Your practice benefits because no scanning or manual data entry of patient form data is needed.

Charting Dizziness Questionnaire


The time savings and workflow improvement can be substantial for practices using common ENT forms such as:

  • Dizziness questionnaire
  • Vestibular evaluation form
  • SNOT-20 questionnaire
  • Epworth Sleepiness Scale
  • Other ENT-specific patient forms and content

The ENT-Cloud Digital Pen Speeds Up Patient Intakes

ENT Digital Pen

Many practices also embrace the ENT Digital Pen for initial patient intake documents (for those patients who were unable to complete them online in advance) and to capture patient signatures on Consent and other forms.

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