Five Reasons Why Your ENT Practice Should Upgrade Or Replace Your EHR Software

dr_EHR / February 4, 2016

Most medical professionals are aware that using EHR (Electronic Health Records) is an essential part of a modern, thriving practice. What many in the medical profession may not realize, however, is that upgrading this software on a regular basis is important as well. Having outdated, inefficient software can be as troublesome as not using it at all. Here are five reasons why you should upgrade your current EHR Software.

Upgrades Can Increase Productivity and Adaptability

THE FIRST REASON to upgrade your ENT EHR software is that it can increase overall productivity and efficiency, particulary in surgical workflow. Upgrades can provide new and improved templates for physicians and other medical professionals. A new upgrade will enable staff to more easily track a patient’s data over time. New software can often be easier to use and understand. This will ultimately be less time consuming than working with the older systems. Cutting down on mouse clicks and keystrokes will eventually add up to a lot of saved time.

THE SECOND REASON to upgrade or replace your EHR software is to increase adaptability. New software can now receive input from tablet, voice, or even a digital pen. Implementing software that can combine voice recognition with other forms of entering and organizing data provides plenty of options for the medical staff.

Upgrades Can Improve Patient Care and Increase Patient Satisfaction

THE THIRD REASON for upgraded EHR platform is that it will likely contribute to an improvement in patient care. Improved software will enable medical professionals to better monitor their patient’s progress and overall care. Software that can more efficiently track and compare relevant data over specific time periods will lead to improved care.

THE FOURTH REASON for an upgrade is that it can increase patient satisfaction. Improved, updated EHR software should make it easier for each patient to access his or her own medical records. This could translate into fewer calls to the office, and the staff spending less time helping patients find information. An upgrade may even attract new patients. When people are looking for a physician many want a more service-oriented experience. This often includes having access to records through an easy-to-use patient portal.

THE FIFTH REASON to upgrade is that good EHR software can help eliminate several tedious office tasks. It’s much easier to keep records updated with improved EHR software. This can save quite a bit of time which in turn will save money. An upgraded system can also improve scheduling and billing tasks. A good system can reduce the number of pages that actually need to be printed off.

Upgrades Can Reduce Costs While Helping an Office Go Green

Reduce or completely eliminate ink and paper expenses as well as printer maintenance needs. This not only reduces overall costs, but is a great way to go green. Good EHR software can potentially lead to a totally paperless office.