3 Personal Tests ENTs Must Pass to Remain Independent

3 Personal Tests ENTs Must Pass to Remain Independent

dr_EHR / July 7, 2016

As ENTs run their independent practices, there are various everyday stresses that they are bound to face. If these issues are not dealt with properly, they can lead to burnout and challenge the existence of an solo practice.

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Here are three primary stresses that can threaten the viability of a medical practice.

The Doctor’s Personality

Personality traits can make a difference as to how an ENT performs their work or manages their practice. Some practitioners suffer from self-doubt, others lack business skills, while others are simply not good managers. It can become stressful to be emotionally involved with patients, while also being clinically objective and running your practice as a business. A practitioner must balance emotional and business needs.

Job Demands

Running an independent practice can be very stressful. You have patients to see, paperwork to do, bills to worry about and employees to manage. These demands can burn you out if you are not careful. You must take care of yourself and ensure that you get proper rest. Research has shown that most physicians will not admit when they are unwell. Most physicians will keep pushing themselves even when they are sick.

Life-Work Balance

Most independent practitioners run their practices because they love helping others. Not knowing how to achieve life-work balance can greatly affect the practitioner and by extension the life of the practice. The best way to achieve a balance between working at your practice and other aspects of your life, is to reduce the intensity of demand from your practice. Take control of your appointment diary and make time for other things other than just seeing patients. Engage in personal activities such as hobbies or just being with family. You could also try to delegate some of your practice obligations to your employees.

Stress is a normal part of life, but if not dealt with properly, it can badly affect your ENT practice. Whether those stresses come from your personality, your job demands or your life and work balance, taking the time to evaluate yourself and acknowledge your personal issues is the first step to appropriately dealing with them.

Download Physician’s Guide to Staying Independent