WRS is instrumental in helping me manage patients. It’s great just having everything all together—having notes and computation of images and labs all in one spot.

Dr. Stephen Dent’s California Dreams Come Alive With EHR

Picture this: You complete your specialty residency training in Otolaryngology at the University of California in San Diego. Then you move to Encinitas and open a private otolaryngology practice. In your spare time you enjoy deep sea fishing, beach volleyball and spending time with family and friends. Sounds too good to be true?

Not for Dr. Stephen Dent, who is living his California dream. Dr. Dent is a board certified Otolaryngologist. He is a current member of the American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, San Diego County Medical Society, and the California Medical Society. He is credentialed at Scripps Memorial Hospitals of Encinitas, La Jolla, and several outpatient surgery centers.

Dr. Dent treats a myriad of conditions, including the following: Otology, which includes hearing loss, vertigo, ear infections, surfer’s ear, perforated ear drum, and Eustachian tube dysfunction; Rhinology, which encompasses sinus infections, nasal obstruction, septal deviation, postnasal drip, nasal polyps, nose bleeds, and sleep apnea; Allergy, which includes allergy prick testing; Immunotherapy, which includes sublingual desensitization for allergies; Laryngology, which includes hoarseness, vocal cord lesions, chronic cough, reflux, difficulty swallowing; and Head and Neck Cancer.

So, how is Dr. Dent able to accomplish his professional goals and still have time to pursue leisure activities? Entering WRS Otolaryngology EHR was the answer to this question when we sat down with Dr. Dent and his nurse practitioner, Carolyn Butler for their case study.

WRS: How is WRS Otolaryngology EHR helping you in your practice as an ENT physician?

Dr. Dent: WRS is instrumental in helping me manage patients. It’s great just having everything all together—having notes and computation of images, and labs all in one spot. I can check WRS EHR when I’m at home. WRS has been very helpful.

WRS: Is WRS easy to use?

Dr. Dent: WRS is very easy to use. One of my office staffers was not very familiar with EHRs. She’s not extremely savvy with computers. She is able to use the EHR and she loves it.

WRS: How is WRS working for you, Carol?

Carol Butler: I’m a nurse practitioner and I’m loving WRS.

WRS: What Otolaryngology specific features do you like the most?

Carol Butler: WRS is great for the people who are responsible for doing referrals. They have everything they need available to them. I also like WRS accessibility to CT Scans. Labs are always available to us and these things are very important to our practice.

WRS Health thanks Stephen Dent, M.D. for sharing his case study on the WRS Otolaryngology EHR.