online reputation

May 17, 2016

How to Use Content to Enhance Your ENT Practice Reputation

“Content is King.” Those were the words Bill Gates said in the ‘90s when he was asked about the future of the Internet. Decades later, his words have proven correct. Download Cultivate and Protect Your Good ReputationToday, content rules the web and defines and shapes perceptions like never before. As a medical professional, you have a reputation. It’s the sum total of all the great and not-so-great things you’ve done over the years. While this reputation primarily exists in the community you…

May 10, 2016

Customer Care: The Center of Your ENT Practice Reputation

Reputation management is the practice of using information to shape people’s perceptions about a certain entity. As an ENT, that means using information, both online and offline, to ensure people have a positive outlook on your practice and you as a doctor.One approach stands as a sure-fire way to nip in the bud any negative information that could affect your practice’s reputation: Customer care.Customer care works at ensuring all patients that visit your ENT practice are satisfied with their experience…