FREE Best Practices Guide to Upgrading and Replacing Your EHR and Practice Management System

Purchasing an EHR requires a high degree of commitment, both as a significant financial investment and as a way that it effects how your entire practice operates. But sometimes an EHR system may no longer meet your needs – or perhaps failed to deliver in the first place. Some of the most commonly identified reasons* why practices decided to switch are:

  • Your current system is slow and cumbersome
  • Your current system is outdated
  • Your current system lacks important features
  • Your current system is too expensive
  • Your EHR vendor provides poor customer support
  • You need a system with specialty-specific features

Let our guide show you:

  • Why physicians are dissatisfied with their current EHR
  • the quandary of government incentive funds
  • the logistics of transitioning to a new systems
  • how to avoid making the same mistakes twice
  • the benefits of replacing an underperforming ehr

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