“The ‘WRS’ billing team works within my EHR so it’s easier for me to track what’s going on. That’s another feature that I wanted — to be able to track what’s happening. It is more cost effective for me to hire someone to do the billing, but it’s great to have them work with the ENT EHR so I can sit home, watch TV, pull a report and see where I am in terms of collections at any point in time.”

Dr. Derrick Wallace,Ear, Nose, and Throat Solutions of NJ

ENT-Cloud is a one-stop billing & practice management solutions company dedicated exclusively to helping ENT practices maximize revenue and improve patient care

As a “One-Stop Shop” we become the main point of contact for all your ENT billing needs. Our Billing, Coding and Compliance experts will work with you in developing strategies and workflows for your practice. This will make sure your revenue cycle management, MU/MIPS/MACRA are tracked and reported accurately. Ultimately, helping you meet your financial, regulatory and quality improvement goals.

Gap Analysis

Tree Structure

The ENT-Cloud Billing Process

ENT-Cloud Billing Services follows a rigorous and proprietary billing methodology specifically designed for allergy, immunology and ENT practices.

GAP Analysis

We start by analyzing your practice for revenue cycle management gaps and potential financial opportunities by conducting a gap analysis. A Gap Analysis is a process by which ENT-Cloud Billing Solutions determines a baseline assessment of an ENT provider’s coding, billing, operations, and business practices.

Measurement Tool

ENT-Cloud Billing Solutions uses Gap Analysis as a performance measurement tool to determine which actions must be taken to bring the entity’s practices up to the desired/required level of compliance.

Software Optimization

You have the option of integrating with the ENT-Cloud EHR and practice management platform or we will work with your existing software. We will set up and configure both your software and your medical practice workflow to enhance and maximize collections.

ENT Billing Specialist

Finally, we assign your practice an expert in ENT coding and billing functions. Medical billing is highly complex endeavor for Otolaryngology, Allergy and Immunology practices. Insurance companies have different and complex rules and if you accept Medicare, errors can result not just in revenue loss but in fines as well. At ENT-Cloud Billing Solutions we developed a matrix approach to supervision with layers of cross-checking that offers best in class service, expertise and accuracy you can bank on.

Reporting – ENT Billing Analysis Report

Every month the billing manager overseeing your ENT practice personally reviews a detailed ENT Billing Analysis report. The report covers in detail 6 key billing domains we track for ENT practices.


“Syracuse ENT has increased the efficiency of its claims process and reduced its claims rejection rate without the need to use another system.”

Ear, Nose, and Throat Associates of Syracuse, P.C., New York
Rejection Rate

Rejection Rate

The first domain that is examined is the monthly rejection rate for the practice. We identify the errors and where we could correct them.

Patient Payment

Patient Payment

As co-pays keep rising, and patients opt for cash vs insurance, keeping track of Patient Aging is more important than ever. The ENT Billing Manager reviews the total patient responsibility numbers for the month with you and offers recommendations on collections if the numbers are too high.



The third domain we review are services. Here The Billing Managers looks at charge capture and reviews notes, coding and billing with provider.



We review in detail different posting reports such as by CPT code, provider and payer.



Monthly, we examine carrier contracts and payments to make sure you are getting correctly and fully paid.



We review insurance aging and follow-up on claims aggressively, keeping a close watch on claims that might need to be escalated for resolution.


How Are We Doing?

We are not afraid to compare the results we get for you to what you were doing before you became and ENT-Cloud Billings solutions client. So, every month we show you!

Average Yearly Revenue

If you Are looking for an ENT billing service, that truly understands what it means to run an Otolaryngology practice, give us a call, we will do a no cost analysis of your ENT practice.

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