An ENT’s Definitive Guide to the
2015 EHR Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) Program

Helping you navigate the EHR PQRS Program to improve your practice and avoid penalties.

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2015 will see the EHR PQRS Program undergo even tighter enforcement by the CMS. Included in this year will be the implementation of negative adjustments for Eligible Professionals who do not report satisfactorily. To help you understand how the PQRS Program affects you as an ENT, we’ve prepared a helpful interactive guide that covers the following:

  • A brief summary of what the EHR PQRS Program is
  • Why the program is important to you as a medical practitioner
  • What criteria qualifies you as an Eligible Professional (EP)
  • Methods of reporting available to individuals and groups
  • How to select PQRS measures to report
  • And a list of Measures that most closely apply to ENTs